Newmarket based PTs with some of the best Coaches in the area

Aaron Scott

CFL2 Trainer
Aaron works with a broad range of clients to include rehabilitation from injuries, people looking to get generally stronger and fitter, people that just want to look better naked (because who doesn’t?) and professional athletes.

He enjoys getting to know the person on a personal level as he can then better prescribe them with what they need for that session as well as be able to make the sessions fun and enjoyable.

His main focus is on movement and building a solid structure for that person. We all have our imbalances/weakness so he aims to find those and help you fix them for yourself. Aaron wants to help you be able to feel confident about playing your sports or playing with your kids/grandkids without having to worry about being in pain. He cannot do the work for you but he can guide you on how to do the work.
PT with Aaron Scott

£40 p/h

PT with Aaron Scott

1 hour one-on-one session

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Mike Dell

MSc Strength & Conditioning - BSc Sports Conditioning and Injury Management - CIMPSA Personal Trainer

Mike started out his coaching career training elite sports scholars in multiple high ranking schools across the country. Additionally Mike has also trained semi-professional rugby teams, several GB triathletes and GB modern pentathletes. Mike is currently an U90kg strongman building towards national competitions.

Mike’s specialist areas include sports specific training, Olympic lifting, Strongman/woman training, body image and a client’s aesthetic goals.

PT with Mike Dell


PT with Mike Dell

1 hour one-on-one session

10 session block £350

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Tim Wilson

Advanced L3 Personal Training - Ultimate Kettlebell Instructor - TRX Advanced Group Training L3

Tim started his career with success as a professional jockey, riding for 11 years in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. He then joined the Army and left after 12 years with the rank of Sgt, in the position of Senior Physical Training Instructor.

Tim has worked with a wide range of clients from many disciplines – running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, hockey, boxing, race walking, horse racing, obstacle course training, and the Armed Forces. He has also helped many people return from injury.

It is Tim’s view that results depend on you following a clear plan and his advice which, of course, requires discipline, hard work, willpower and consistency. As long as you’re willing to make the lifestyle changes that may be needed, Tim will help you work on your mindset as well as reach your goals!

PT with Tim Wilson


PT with Tim Wilson

1 hour one-on-one session

12 session block £480

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